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‘Opening Doors’ and Assisting in the Process of ‘Closing Deals’

The Dual Processes of ‘Opening Doors’ and Assisting in the Process of ‘Closing Deals’

In securing appointments with the ‘Decision-Making Executives’ at the ‘Clients of Aspiration’ of those entities that commission the ‘Services’ at ‘The Effective Communication Group’, one of the primary purposes of persuading these influential individuals to attend a Meeting, is to crystallise the belief that every Client of ‘The Effective Communication Group’ will be established as the ‘Destination of Choice’ throughout the ‘National and International Sector’, in which each Client operates.

In establishing the aforementioned belief, the dual processes of ‘Opening Doors’ and assisting in the process of ‘Closing Deals’ for the appropriate ‘Decision-Making’ Executives at the ‘Clients of Aspiration’ for any commercial entity, is often described as ‘The Silver Bullet’ of any ‘Marketing and Sales Strategy’, since it is both direct and overwhelmingly cost-effective.

Needless to say, however, it is recognised that ‘Opening Doors’ constitutes the initial part of the process only to establish a successful ‘commercial / trading’ association, since, ultimately, one needs to succeed in ‘Closing Deals’, also !!