An introduction to the

‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’

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An Overview of the ‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’ and the Associated ‘Opportunities Facilitation Management Service’

The ‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’ that has been cultivated throughout the past couple of Decades, has generated considerable success for those Clients that have commissioned ‘The Effective Communication Group’ to secure their objectives and it endeavours to extend the portfolio of services that prevails at each Client more extensively across the Globe. In consequence, it enhances their commercial aspirations further. The significant Meetings / appointments, which most companies endeavour to secure with the ‘Decision-Making’ Executives at their ‘Clients of Aspiration’, constitute a critical element in their attempts to secure a broader portfolio of Customers, generate greater sales revenue and establish enhanced profitability into their business operations. Please note that the task of introducing every new Client to a broader portfolio of potential National and International Clients / Customers, constitutes an undertaking that can be achieved with guaranteed precision !!

The ‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’ secures appointments with ‘Decision-Making’ Executives, who may have never responded to previous approaches and / or who may indeed, be considered to be ‘beyond the wildest dreams of the prospective Client’. In general terms, the Service ‘Opens Doors’ and assists in the process of ‘Closing Deals’ that enable every Client to establish exceptional ‘trading / commercial’ associations with their ‘Clients of Aspiration’ throughout the ‘United Kingdom’, other Nation States throughout the ‘European Continental Mainland’, the ‘United States of America’, the ‘Middle East’, 'China', other Nation States across the ‘Far East’ and elsewhere across the Globe.

‘The Effective Communication Group’ deploys its successful ‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’ to secure Meetings with influential ‘Decision-Making’ Executives at the ‘Target Clients’ for all commercial entities throughout their respective ‘Target Markets’ and ‘Target Geographical Sectors’.

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