Periodical Business Reviews

The Need to Review and Maintain the Attainment of
Progressive Success via the Deployment of ‘Periodical Business Reviews’

The Importance of Applying the Necessary Discipline to Conduct Periodical Business Reviews to Ensure that Continual Improvement Prevails in Pursuing the Attainment of Excellence Throughout the Commercial Functions of ‘Marketing and Sales’, ‘Operations’ and ‘Finance’

It is overwhelmingly essential that regular ‘Periodical Business Reviews’are conducted. Essentially, the basis of each review would be to assess the performance of each Client from the standpoints of ‘Marketing and Sales’,‘Operations’ and ‘Finance’.

As soon as the review has been completed for all three of these commercial functions and an assessment is undertaken in terms of determining how each has compared with the strategic and budgetary objectives that are established at the commencement of each financial year, a series of recommendations can be cast that will enhance the profile of the Organisation and increase the generation of revenue and subsequent profit.

Having established the recommendations, these should be implemented without delay.

In addition to this process of implementation and in simple summary terms, the purpose of each review would be to understand the reality of the ‘80 : 20’ rule and eradicate the influence of those factors that disrupt the fluent operation of the Organisation: i.e. acquire the resolve to ‘Lance the boil’ when necessary !!